Free Virtual Estimate – Gas Water Heaters

Free In-Home Gas To Electric Conversion Consultation

Tim Whistler Plumbing specializes in preperation for converting from gas to electric heat pumps, hybrid electric water heaters, Electric Tankless Water Heaters, etc.

$250 – $350  – Gas Fireplace Inspection*

We will come out, inspect your gas fireplace and make certain it is safe and in proper working order.  Depending on unit we may test gas pressures, all safety sensors and the gas valve. We will take the CO emission readings and test any remote control or switch devices. All readings will be explained and an estimate will be provided for any needed repairs.

home$225 – Whole House Plumbing Inspection by a Master Plumber* (up to 3 baths)

Do things always seem to break at the worst possible time? Have your plumbing system checked annually by a master plumber and keep these surprises to a minimum.

  • All piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks is checked for any sign of potential damage.
  • All drains are checked above and below sinks for leaks or clogs.
  • Toilets are inspected for leaks, and to see if securely fastened and caulked to the floor.
  • Washing machine hoses, valves and drain are thoroughly checked and tested.
  • Water heater is checked for safety, leaks and signs of corrosion. Water heaters are often a cause of water damage. Keeping this piece of equipment in top shape guarantees peace of mind.
  • Any concerns or questions you may have about your home’s plumbing will be gladly answered.

These inspections are critical because when they are done in time, they can save on unnecessary emergency work and possible damage. A whole house plumbing inspection is a great way to plan for needed repairs.

For an additional charge, you may also have the sewer drains inspected by camera to identify potential issues in water and drain system.

* Repairs are additional.